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NameNicholas Martin
Council positionMember
Contact number01189 895460
Diesel House
Honey Hill
Wokingham, RG40 3BL
Working groups
Representation to outside bodies* Wokingham Veteran Tree Association
Pinewood Club principal contact
BioHaving studied economics at university I then worked in the packaging industry before taking part in a management buy-out of a company in the promotional product industry.

In my spare time I have two passions, music and philosophy which are of course closely related.

I am particularly interested in the philosopher J Krishnamurti ( a modern day Socrates) and the work he did with the renowned quantum scientist David Bohm, who was a colleague of Einstein, and who united the General Theory with the Quantum Approach.

In addition to that I am keen to make known the health risks of electromagnetic radiation – not only 4g mobile and Wifi – but the much more serious dangers to health of 5G.

I am a member of the political party Save Us Now which is dedicated to the stopping of 5G, which is an untested technology without international safety standards.