Open to the public: 10am - 12 noon
Phone: 01344 771425

NameLesley Foxwell
Council positionVice Chairman
Contact number01344 776946
AddressDoune House
56, New Wokingham Road,
RG45 6JJ
Working Groups* Parish office project
* Public spaces and amenities
* Staffing
* Finance
* Pinewood lease renewal
* Health and Safety champion
Representation to outside bodies* Wokingham Without & Crowthorne Parish Council Liaison Meeting
* Borough Parish Liaison Forum
* SDL Forum
Pinewood Club Principal Contact* Pinewood Allotment Association
* Pinewood Football Club
* Pinewood Raceway
* Second Crowthorne Scouts
BioHobbies - cooking, photography, and Watercolour painting.

I am interested in natural history, gardening and handicrafts.

I worked as a Project and Operations Manager in the Defence Industry, with the MOD and commercial companies since 1977. My Physics Degree and some Banking experience helped me to translate between the Research Scientists, and Finance. I did take 7 years out to bring up two small children. I have been retired since 2010.

I have been a Parish councillor since late 2015.

I have lived in the Parish since January 1992 and before that in Little Sandhurst for 8 years.

As a regular user of the Pinewood site and co-organiser of the Pinewood Festivals 2013 and 2015 I knew several of the Councillors. My Husband was on what was then the Stakeholder Group for Pinewood. It was suggested to me that as the Council had vacancies I might consider joining. I thought it would be better to join them than complain about them!!

I also drive for Good Neighbours.