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NamePaul Stephens
Council positionMember
Contact number07836 652231
Address6 Celandine Close, Crowthorne, RG45 6RU
Working groups
Representation to outside bodies
Pinewood Club principal contact
BioI have lived in Crowthorne since 1988 moving from Germany where I worked for Hewlett-Packard. My children went to Oaklands in the 90’s and my youngest was at Edgbarrow.
I joined the Parish Council in June 2019 to help contribute to making Crowthorne a nicer place for residents and visitors, with my special interest in recreation and leisure facilities for youngsters and adults.
I am an ‘outdoors person’ and enjoy gardening, fly fishing, tennis, golf, mountain biking, skiing, sailing, hiking and photography.
I am passionate about the Environment and have concerns with over development, traffic, road safety, emissions, noise, light and air pollution and their impacts on health and quality of life.
I have a scientific background with Chemistry Degrees from Bristol University. I have always worked in the private technology sector, with international business responsibility and special focus on Environmental testing.