The Pinewood Centre is owned by Wokingham Borough Council and sublet to Wokingham Without Parish Council. The parish council in turn sub-lets various of the buildings and areas of land to a whole range of community clubs and societies.

The Parish Council receives no financial support from the Borough Council (other than in the form of a low rent) and is fully responsible for maintaining and administering the site. The site is funded by the leasehold rental income and service charges generated by the sub leases, hourly rental fees from Pinewood Hall and supported by the parish precept i.e. the council tax paid by the households in Wokingham Without.

Wokingham Borough Council states that it recognises the strategic importance of the Pinewood Centre in terms of the recreational, sporting and community facilities of the Borough but this does not translate into any tangible financial support.

Address and Map

Pinewood Centre
Old Wokingham Road
Berkshire RG40 3AQ

Clubs and Societies

Tenants (to contact a club directly, please click on the club name)


Classes at Pinewood Hall

This hall is occupied by hirers from 8.30am to 11.00pm Monday to Friday each week plus some time at weekends.

Classes held in function Room

  • Pinewood Yoga (2 classes)
  • Oakingham Bridge Club
  • Aquarist Society
  • Pinewood Upholstery Club
  • Wan Chun – martial arts
  • Pilates
  • Dance Zone
  • Entertain Arts
  • Salsa

Classes in other buildings

  • Kick Boxing
  • Ju Jitsu

Other facilities

  • Under-12 play area
  • Glass and Textile Recycling Banks
  • Adventure Play area
  • Almost 18 acres of woodland including pond and dipping platform (platform courtesy of a Rural Access to Services Programme funding bid)
  • The woodland area is now being planted on a year on year basis with plants and bulbs of native species of the correct provenance
  • Several wooden sculptures have been installed in and around Dickie’s Pond and the woodland.
  • An adult trim trail is located near the allotments, adjacent to the woodland
  • A Community Orchard is also on the site of the old hospital orchard which still contains some fruit bearing trees.

Last Updated on 5th October 2023

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