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Council meetings 2021-22

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
Tuesday 4th May 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 7th June 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 5th July 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 2nd August 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 6th September 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 4th October 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 1st November 2021Agenda
Monday 6th December 2021Agenda

Council meetings 2020-21

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
Monday 11th May 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 1st June 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 6th July 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 3rd August 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 7th SeptemberAgendaMinutes
Monday 5th October 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 2nd November 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 7th December 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 11th January 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 1st February 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 1st March 2021AgendaMinutes
Monday 15th March 2021 APM AgendaMinutes
Monday 12th April 2021AgendaMinutes

Council meetings 2019-20

Meeting dateAgendaMinutes
Monday 13th May 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 3rd June 2019AgendaMinutes
Wednesday 19th June 2019
Extraordinary Meeting
Monday 1st July 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 5th August 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 2nd September 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 7th October 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 4th November 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 2nd December 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 13th January 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 3rd February 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 2nd March 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 16th March 2020APM NoticeMinutes
Monday 23rd March 2020
Extraordinary Meeting
Monday 6th April 2020AgendaMinutes

Council meetings 2018-19

Meeting dateAgendaMinutes
Monday 14th May 2018AgendaMinutes
Monday 4th June 2018AgendaMinutes
Monday 2nd July 2018AgendaMinutes
Monday 6th August 2018AgendaMinutes
Monday 3rd September 2018AgendaMinutes
Monday 1st October 2018AgendaMinutes
Monday 5th November 2018AgendaMinutes
Monday 3rd December 2018AgendaMinutes
Monday 14th January 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 4th February 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 4th March 2019AgendaMinutes
Monday 18th March 2019 (Annual Parish Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Monday 1st April 2019AgendaMinutes

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